General Purpose Processors are more and more supported by accelerators with different programming environments. OpenCL tackles the divergence by offering a uniform, device-independent platform model to the user, leaving the mapping to physical devices to the OpenCL driver, often delivered by the device's vendor.

OCLAcc tries to make FPGAs comparably easy to use to GPGPUs by developing an Open-Source OpenCL Driver for FPGA-based accelerators from different vendors.



Current and Recent Student Projects

Name Type Subject
Sebastian Hain Master Thesis Transformationen von LLVM-IR zur effizienten Hardware-Generierung
Daniel Quick Bachelor Thesis Entwurf und Entwicklung einer Speicheranbindung für FPGA-basierte Beschleunigerkarten

Student Bachelor and Master Theses

There are many ways to support the development of OCLAcc. If you are interested in getting involved, just write an e-mail.